Dylan Storm Roof and the Death Penaltyby Terri Mae Owens

I was happy to read that Dylan Roof’s attorney’s advised him to waive a jury trial.

“Pursuant to this order, the defendant hereby states that he is willing to waive jury, and to be tried and sentenced by the court,” the notice filed by Roof’s lawyers, David Bruck and Michael O’Connell, said.


It is my hope for Dylan, as it is for young African American boys and men in general who are ushered through our judicial and court systems that America’s governments take their share of responsibility for them being there in the first place, and hold themselves accountable for sentencing, reflective of society’s influence in regards to the acts of the accused.

Let Dylan’s fate lie upon the conscious of America’s political and judicial systems. Let the American people and people around the world see the level of responsibility we as a nation who stands united take for the racist acts being acted out in our country by American citizens.

Their has to be a solution, other than that of extermination of human beings, as though they were common pests, spraying over the problem is useless, because like roaches, they will come back if the problem of infestation is not eliminated at the root of the problem.

More than a jury’s verdict, people who may or may not be versed in the facts of the social and political history of this country, and realize it’s relevance to this case in way that they can judge the affects of its its influence upon American citizens, I want to hear the verdict of a judge.

I want the verdict to be one that is precedent for this judge, whom I hope will take this tragedy as an opportunity to sets an example that what happened to the nine people in Emanuel was unjust and should never happen by showing compassion for someone who is obviously in need of psychological help.

I want his decision to propel our country in the direction of providing care for the mentally ill, ending the death penalty in this country, and I would like to see as a result of this terrible tragedy, our state and federal governments and its administrations be held accountable, by the American people for the influence American History, as taught to America’s children, in America’s schools, have on our youth.

The real threat of terrorism to America comes from within our borders not outside of it.  We are our greatest enemy, and it is reflective in our laws, and in the way that we treat our fellow man.  It is reflective in how we show compassion, love and tolerance towards each other on a daily basis, not only after a mass murder takes place.




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