“Bryan Stevenson Builds Museum that Confronts Slavery, Lynching, Segregation, and Mass Incarceration in America”

Charlie Rose: Bryan Stevenson


I applaud Attorney and Activist Bryan Stevenson for his vision to build a museum that under one roof, will educate visitors about the history of inhumane acts inflicted upon Africans and African Americas under the institution of slavery, by mob lynching, Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, and the injustices of schools to prison pipelines, and mass incarceration of black males.



Stevenson uses his professional platform and influence to advocate for a more humane and just society. His activism in the courtroom and as a citizen of this country, is reflective of the heart and insight of men who came before him. Men like Gahndi, Mandela, Malcolm X,  and Martin Luther King Jr. who advocated for racial equality.



Charlie Rose: Equal Justice Initiative



Please contact the Equal Justice Initiative and donate funds to aid Mr. Stevenson in the building of a museum that will reveal the impact of the legacy of slavery on today’s society. Thank you!

Equal Justice Initiative
122 Commerce St.
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Phone: 334-269-1803
Fax: 334-269-1806
Email: contact_us@eji.org

I  too have similar, though not as grand ambitions, and I am inspired by the work Mr. Stevenson is doing.

While the work that I am doing is not in any way associated with Mr. Stevenson’s building of his museum,  in 2012 I began painting a collection of art that is dedicated to the memory of women and girls who were lynched on America’s soil.

The art is abstract in the sense that it was not created with the intention of projecting any likeness to any of the women or girls for which the collection is dedicated.

Checkout the site below, especially if conducting research  on lynching or if you are in need of  footage for a class presentation.

Without Sanctuary


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