The Historical Act of Lynching and Mass Incarceration in Today’s Society

Some do not know of the tragic story of what happened in 1923, in Rosewood, a town in Florida. I first learned of this true story when I watched the move.

“Rosewood” 21 February 1997 USA. Warner Brothers. Director John Singletary, Writer Gregory Poirier. Stars: John Voight, Ving Rhimes, Don Cheadle.

In the movie, a white woman had been beaten very badly, by a man  whom she was being intimate with, in her bedroom, while her husband was at work.

On this particular day, her lover became angry with her, and he beat her and abruptly left her house.  Because of her deceit, in cheating on her husband, and her shame of getting beat up, she announced, theatrically, that a black man had raped her and had caused her bruises, in order to spare herself of shame.

Because of her lie, the town of Rosewood, occupied by blacks only, and a place in which they owned their property, school, and businesses, was burned and destroyed.

Men and women were lynched by mobs of poor white men, most of whom did not live as well as the black residents of Rosewood.

In contrast to what happened in Rosewood in 1923, in today’s society, it is too often that men are sentenced to receive the death penalty for crimes they did not commit, and race is often a factor.

I would argue that the death penalty should  never had become law in America; a country that prides itself on being humane.

In the depth of sorrow, for some, a life for a life might seem justified, but what if the evidence against that person is false?  What if the evidence was generated based on deliberate deceptions and lies ?

The articles below are a few that explains in more detail the “Rosewood Massacre.”

Articles on the Rosewood Massacre:  January 1, 1923 11/24/15



Brian Stevenson, of the Equal Justice  Initiative, defends men on death row. Listen as he talks to Oprah about how as a nation we throw people away with little thought.


Richard Rosario is not a client of Bryan Stevenson,  but his case is an example of throwing away the life of a man who was innocent, with little thought given to his life.


New Yorker Wrongly Convicted of Murder





He also described how his life has been changed by the relationships he developed in his service to defend men sentenced to die by lethal injection.