The Insane Murdering of African American Children

I remember being a little girl waiting for my Papa to come home from work at the Navy Yard, in Charleston, South Carolina.  I was about five years old.  I loved him so much and he loved me.  I thought of him when I read the story of Angel. I use to sit on the steps of our cottage and wait until I saw him coming a block away, and I would run to him.  He was very tall.  He would pick me up and kiss me and twirl me around and then I would take his metal lunch can to the house for him.

After he ate dinner and had time to sit for a minute and talk to momma, he would often take me around the corner to Mr. Singleton’s store to buy a gum ball, which I selected out of his gum ball machines.  Some were huge and the big gum balls cost 5 cents each. I always bought the purple gum balls.  It filled the cavity of my mouth and it left my tongue, lips and fingers blue.  that is what I thought about as tears rolled down my eyes reading about Angel’s fate.  My memory of buying gum with my Papa is a happy one.  Buying bubble gum will not be a pleasant memory for Angel’s father. 10/21/14

I am one who feels that choosing a child’s name is a great responsibility, and with little Angel now in heaven with God, I feel even more strongly about that.Angel is a beautiful name and how appropriate for when she gets her wings.

I can’t imagine what her father must be feeling.  He took his little girl to the store to buy bubble gum and she ended up dead.   Angel had been selected to participate in a gifted and talented program at her school.  Imagine the gifts and talents she would have contributed to change our world.  We are loosing our gifted and talented black youth, our babies, to senseless killings, like the senseless killing of 19 year old Renisha McBride.

Renisha knocked on the door of a white man in Detroit after being in a car accident, and she ended up dead from a gunshot wound to the back of her head as she was walking off the man’s porch.

Her killer said he was “afraid”.  He feared for his life.  But what causes makes him to be fearful of a young girl who was peacefully leaving his porch? And why not call the police to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood?  It happens too often that whites are killing blacks using the excuse that they feared for their life, and in doing so, have gotten away with murder, as in the Trayvon Martin Case.  Trayvon was 17 years old.  Rest In Peace Renisha.

This problem is not exclusive to America, and we should be concerned about our children no matter where they live.  African and African American children are being murdered around the world. 10/21/14

 In South Africa

The unthinkable murders of two girls toddlers in South Africa are an example.  They disappeared while playing outside in front of the house. “Their bodies raped, murdered, and found in a public toilet.”   It was reported that 15% of rape victims in south Africa are children under 11 years old.

In Chicago

Hadiya Pendleton 16 years old gunned down in a park in Chicago as she ran to take shelter.

Three Children Killed In Philadelphia While They Sold Fruit With Their Mother