First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt: Bullying


“Mrs. Roosevelt used her lectures, her radio talk shows, her column and articles, her  press conferences, and her endless travels throughout America to publicize her views on social justice, and to help bring the White House closer to the American people.”

“The most outspoken of First Ladies, she became a powerful advocate for the weak and disadvantaged in American society for blacks and other minorities, for tenant farmers, the unemployed, the hungry, and the homeless, for all those who had no platform or spokesperson of their own.”  (104)

“Anyone who has gone through great suffering is bound to have greater sympathy and understanding of the problems of mankind.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most ruthless forms of bullying was the lynching of children, women and men.  1800’s to 1950’s.

“One can, even without any particular gifts, overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable if one is willing to face the fact that they must overcome; That, in spite of timidity and fear, in spite of a lack of special talents, one can find a way to live widely and fully.” 

Eleanor Roosevelt

Art in Memory of Women Lynched in America

  “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…you must do the thing you think you can not do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Looking back it strikes me that my childhood and my early youth were one long battle against fear.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

 “If anyone were to ask me what I want out of life I would say—-The opportunity for doing something useful, for in no other way, I am convinced, can true happiness be attained.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

 “Life has got to be lived.. that’s all there is to it.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Art in memory of women lynched in America

“Because Eleanor Roosevelt never hesitated to take a stand, she made enemies as well as friends.  Eleanor was often branded a “Socialite” or a “Communist.”   But the most savage attack came from those who were enraged that the First Lady of the land would speak out against segregation.  They spread nasty rumors about her personal habits and social life, and they warned that her views on civil rights would ignite violent confrontations between blacks and whites.” (111, 112).

“Women, whether subtlety, or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Eleanor’s admirers saw her as an inspirational figure, a woman of compassion who listened with sympathy and understanding to the concerns of ordinary people.  They marveled at her honesty, her energy, and her independent stance as a woman making a mark on the world.” (112, 113).

First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama, the mother and father of two daughters, make their mark on the world.

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